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About Us


About Us:

NAFSP is a 501(c)(3) membership professional development network that trains, empowers and creates access for First-Generation/ underrepresented students and professionals. Through on-going training, a robust employer relations system and social support, NAFSP will close the equity gap for TrailBlazers and help institutions increase their retention rates by supporting trailblazers to career success. #Further Faster


NAFSP Mission:

NAFSP pledges to support First-Generation and underrepresented college students and professionals (TrailBlazers) to achieve desired career success by equipping them with access and exposure to premier professional skills, resources, networks, mentors, and experiential learning so they can go further faster. 


Action 2025

By the year 2025, NAFSP pledges to create awareness and invoke change on the following initiatives: 

#TrailBlazer - We pledge to change the stigma that defines First-Gen Students. NAFSP will address Congress and request them to redefine "First-Generation Student" and replace it with "TrailBlazer," a word that empowers and uplifts the people it defines.  

#MyAccess - The NAFSP community will work with businesses, institutions, organizations, services to receive deeply discounted access to essential next-step needs for trailblazers.  

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